Our Mission

Demonstrate our ability to serve customers and understand their needs to achieve excellence through the application of the highest operational standards.

Forming high-level partnerships with leading global companies in the same field of information technology to enhance the company's position and increase its expertise in this field.

Employing a specialized and professional staff with high experience in several fields, capable of implementing international standards easily and effectively.

Providing high-level technical capabilities for the network operation and security center, in addition to enhancing the high capabilities and great expertise that we are proud to provide.

Provide technical support service around the clock (24/7/365) to solve problems quickly.

Giving customers and investors added value through innovation, and improving employee performance development.

Our Vision

To become the perfect partner of choice for the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing them with advanced, integrated and reliable technology solutions that enable them to leave an imprint of success in the region, and to be one of the main companies that implement electronic initiatives that serve the travel and tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .

Our company also aspires, by making use of its specialized talents and advanced technology, to provide high-quality, reliable information technology solutions capable of giving the maximum value to our customers and society in general.

Our values

Al-Alamiah has set values ​​that help it direct its interests and behavior in a way that positively affects customers and how to serve them in the best way, and the most important of these values ​​are:

  • Effective communication: as we realize that clarity, accuracy and transparency are the most important characteristics of communicating with clients.
  • Creativity: to come up with creative and innovative ideas and then try to translate them into reality, with reliance on the principle of simplicity and speed in implementing these ideas.
  • Collaboration spirit: We strive to accommodate and achieve the company's strategic goals, so we always work as one team. We display a spirit of achievement and foster a supportive environment based on cooperation and participation in which we do not stop learning and development.
  • Commitment with customers: Where we are keen to build strong partnerships with our customers, as the secret of our success lies in their confidence in our services and products. From here, we are keen on adhering to quality and using technology to win.
  • Innovation: To always strive in our company to innovate and innovate in providing electronic solutions and technical services.
  • Simplicity: We follow the principle of simplicity, by providing our services to all customers with simplicity while allowing them to obtain a high level of benefit from the service provided.
  • Accountability: Our principle is “We are all responsible,” and we bear personal responsibility for our actions and their results, with an emphasis on finding solutions and achieving the desired results.
  • Integrity and respect: One of our most important values ​​is to show respect and behave with integrity. We work to show respect, evaluate all individuals and their experiences, and listen to their approach and ideas.

Our Certificates

  • Certification of registration.
  • DAS certification.
  • HAJJ excellence award 2013.

Our “Services”

Here is our Services

Bab AL-Umra Services available to our customers

Umrah Tawaf

Umrah System

Integrated portal for marketers and service providers Umrah through the system (online / offline) with 4 languages.

Arafaa Hajj

Hajj System

Integrated portal for marketers and service providers Hajj through the system (online / offline) with 4 languages.


Reporting System

Reports and statistics that serve all clients to ensure follow-up and take the appropriate decision.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Mobile applications is available with some services for marketers and service providers Hajj and Umrah.


Integration Service

Live integration and synchronization with the client's systems to automatically sync the client data and statistics.

Technical Advices

Technical Advices

Provide technical advices and technical solutions for raise the level of performance in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Hajj.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Specialized technical team with a variety of experiences to ensure customers training, support and follow-up and support.

International Marketing

International Marketing

Marketing Umrah operators internationally through participation in exhibitions.

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