How to install and configure 3M Swipe Reader CR100

3M™ CR100 Passport Reader

1) Fist of all Connect device to the USB port and install driver.

2) Now Find in C:\Program Files (x86)\3M\3M Swipe Reader\\ConfigSwipeSampleScript.xml file.

3) Download our SwipeSampleScript.xml file and replace with original, (before replacing make backup of original) now run 3M Output Wedge from desktop

4) Open “OutputWedgeSysTray”, (it will minimize to System Tray at the bottom right). Please select “Show All Track Data”.

5) “Minimize”, and click on “Scan Passport” on the webpage. Swipe the passport and the page will refresh after a pause. The image below shows the page refreshed with data from my test document (from MRZ).

Note: Keyboard language should be English

Check in notepad first, If you will see strange symbols you must select in windows language settings "English". This is where you find "language for the program that do not supported UTF8"